Iranian opposition form new democratic council to counter regime

Iranian opposition form new democratic council to counter regime

Saleh Hamid, Al ArabiyaSaturday, 18 November 2017 
Iranian opposition parties and organizations abroad announced a new coalition called the “Iranian Democrats Council” aimed at “overthrowing the rule of the Guardian Jurist and establishing a pluralistic federal democratic regime with its neighbors and the world,” according to its founding statement.

“The structure of the theocratic regime in Tehran cannot be reformed after four decades of authoritarian and sectarian rule based on discrimination, repression against peoples and international risks,” the statement, which Al Arabiya received a copy of, read.

The founding conference was attended by the Iranian Democratic Front, the Iranian Kurdistan Party, the Democratic Solidarity Party of Ahwaz, the Azerbaijani Cultural and Political Center, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Baluchistan People’s Party, the Turkmen Political Cultural Center, the United Front of Baluchistan and the Bakhtiari and Luristan Federation, as well as a number of trade unions, civil society activists and independent political figures.

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